Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A Piece of Cake

Our oldest son is getting married next year. I think his fiancee' has been planning the wedding since she was ten, lol! In any case, she is very organized and seems to know exactly what she wants. Good thing because I have zero interest in weddings beyond the vows. But, all the wedding talk did peak my interest in the beautiful wedding images at Sweet n Sassy. The wedding cake, in particular, fascinated me, probably because I wish I could decorate cakes. Since I can't (and have no time to master a new hobby), I grabbed the stamp and decorated it with my copics!
I bought an inexpensive photo album at the dollar store and replaced the front cover with this one I created using SNS Wedding Cake. The bride can then insert pictures of the wedding venue, cake samples, dresses, or decorations that she wants to refer to while making her plans. Or the photo album could be used just for notes, clippings, or receipts she doesn't want to lose.
By the way, I used the sketch at The Sweet Stop for my cover. And I couldn't resist making another tissue paper flower to hold my "love" sentiment. I'm so addicted to those flowers! I added stickles to the flowers and airbrushed the pearls. I did not get the pearls as "scarlet" as I wanted but they do look deeper IRL.
Let wedding mania begin! I'm ready...I think!


  1. So very pretty, Lisa!! I hear you about the wedding planning ;). I used to be a wedding photographer and I can tell you that I saw all kinds of stuff! So much wasted money, and efforts for one day not to mention the debts many new couples incur. I'm all about keeping things simple!

  2. This is so beautiful! And what a good idea!!

  3. Oh Lisa, what a great idea to insert this card in a little album. And just having taking some cake decorating classes, I bet you would do great with decorating a cake :-). I love the color theme you chose. A great card!!!!

    Yeah, I did my daughter's wedding. I'll never ever do any type of wedding coordination thing again. lol..... although now I keep getting talked into taking wedding photos which I really don't like doing.

  4. what a sweet album! perfect for her to keep her "planning" keepsakes...weddings can make you crazy!!!

  5. Beautiful album. I love that image.

    Speaking of the Sweet Stop, everytime I go to there blog, it freezes up my Windows sessions-all of them. I think it is the floating hearts. They are really cute though. This happens on other blogs that have the snow effect. Anyway, just letting you know.