Friday, April 2, 2010

Happy Easter Chicks!

Easter and Spring is a time of renewal! When our Lord pushed the stone away and rose from the grave, he began a new life in Heaven! Sometimes the true meaning of Easter gets lost amongst the bunnies and colored eggs, and I hope you'll take a moment this Sunday to reflect. Remember what Jesus did for all of us so that we could one day meet him in Heaven!

Start a tradition this year with your family! In my house as I was growing up, we celebrated with Easter Baskets, bunnies and candy, but my Mom always saved one egg out and left it uncolored! The white egg represented the Stone that Jesus rolled away, and one of us got the privilege of eating that egg!

I wish you and your loved ones a Happy Easter! You can read how I created this card on my blog HERE!

I used "Spring Chicks" and a sentiment from "Easter Blessings"! You'll find a lot more Easter and Holiday related digistamps at the Sweet 'n Sassy Store!
Until next time!
~Darsie Bruno


  1. Darsie, another beautiful card. Truly beautiful. I love the detail and all the embellishment. Sigh, sooo elegant!

  2. This is such a beautiful card! And I love the idea of the one uncolored egg. What a neat tradition!!

  3. Absolutely beautiful, Darsie! All those pearls on the lattice style embossing...oh, my, just gorgeous!

  4. Wow, Darsie, this is beautiful! Thank you for sharing your story about the one uncolored egg. What a fabulous tradition!

  5. Darsie, what a nice tradition. Your card is very pretty. Our family tradition was going to the early service at church (6am), I remember driving with my grandpa through town and he would stop at the red lights and since no one else was out that early he would go through the red lights. His excuse was he didn't want to be late to church. We were young, we thought that was ok.