Saturday, April 17, 2010

For National Library Week!

My daughter informed me on Monday afternoon that this is National Library Week. SO... in honor of the Library, I made this card with Milton Reading under a flower. OK, so actually I made it because he was cute and I wanted to color him, but the other sounded better! LOL!! :-) As I mentioned last week, I really like to have cards that are easy to mail. I give a lot of them away to my Mom and it would be hard for her to have to figure extra postage. So today I thought I'd give you some ideas of ways to add some "punch" to your cards, without much weight or thickness...

1. Use lighter-weight cardstock or patterned paper if you're going to do lots of layering.
2. Add interest by embossing (heat embossing or dry!), sponging, stitching, and/or a clear Spica pen, rather than embellishing.
3. If you do embellish, think "flat & light". Some suggestions are lightweight ribbon tied in a knot, rather than bulky ribbon tied in a bow; mini or micro brads rather than buttons or flowers; and low profile half-pearls rather than dewdrops.

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See you next Saturday!

~ Tricia

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  1. This is adorable, Tricia. Thanks for sharing the tips about keeping cards mailable. I've recently run into a problem with just that -- wanting to send out a bunch of cards and realizing that none of them would mail well. This gives me some great food for thought!!