Monday, April 26, 2010

Encouragement for the guys, too!

Who doesn't love to get a note of encouragement? We all know that our friends and family love us, but doesn't it feel extra special when someone takes the time to point it out in a tangible way? Most of us card makers are pretty good about sending the occasional "thinking of you" card (aka "RAK") to the special women in our lives, but what about the men?

When I was first married, I read a magazine article about little ways to show your spouse how much you love them. One of the suggestions in the article was writing them the occasional note of love or encouragement. So one day when I was packing my husband's lunch for work, I scribbled a little note for him on his napkin. Later that day, he called from work to tell me how touched he was to find that sweet surprise. Over the years I've made it a point to occasionally leave him a new note, and I tell you, every time he is surprised and warmed by the attention! When my son was old enough to read, I expanded the practice to include him, and he has kept most of the notes I've sent him over the years. Of course these days my notes take the form of handmade cards instead of napkins -- LOL -- but the effect is still the same.

My card today is one that I made for one of the special guys in my life. It uses the Howling Coyote digi along with one of the wonderful greetings from the Amazing Grace sentiment set. Though the image is meant to be a night scene, I decided it could just as easily be a daytime scene, so I sponged in a blue sky along with a few clouds, and colored the moon image to be a sun instead.

I encourage you today to think about the men in your life, and consider sending them a note of love and encouragement. I promise you they'll appreciate it! :-)


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