Friday, February 4, 2011

God made you special....

...and He loves you very much.  Are those words familiar to you?  My kids were huge Veggie Tales fans and even now that they've out grown the sweet singing/acting vegetables, they will still watch them once in awhile or sing a silly song.  Well, with the great line up of new releases this month, the sentiment (used on my card) from One of a Kind reminded me of Bob's wise words.

God did make you for a special purpose and I truly believe that in the way we treat each other, love our families and worship Him is a glimpse of the person He is molding you to be.  Our real potential will never fully be developed until we are in Heaven with Him, but I think that here on earth we certainly should be practicing.

You can practice by just saying a little prayer for a friend, or helping a child see the awe of Creation or just being kind enough to create a card for someone special.  So go ahead... practice!

Many hugs & blessings,


  1. How cute Melissa! I did and still do love Veggie Tales!

  2. Sweetly stated, Melissa!! :) That's so cute - YES, those words were totally familiar!!! Great encouragement here - bless you!!

  3. Fabulous card, Melissa and your encouraging words even more so. Thank you for being a blessing!